Internet Safety

This page contains all the software, tools, videos, and other resources that are presented in our Internet Safety class. If you attended one of our presentations, you will find links below to the resources you learned about. If you have not been to one of our presentations, you can use these resources to learn more about keeping your kids safe on the internet.

Internet Safety PowerPoint Presentation

If you would like to review the slides used in the Internet Safety presentation, you can download them below. They are available in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

If you have already attended the presentation, the slides will help you remember what was covered. If you have not attended the presentation, you will still be able to learn about how to keep kids safe on the internet by going through the slides.

Free Filtering and Monitoring Software

The tools listed below are the best tools available for filtering and monitoring internet connected devices in your home. Allt these tools, except the last one, are free.

Each tool is different and unique. They each use different methods for filtering and monitoring, and they support filtering and monitoring on different kinds of devices.

If you need more information about how each of these tools work and which one would be best for your family, please go through the slides for the Internet Safety presentation. They cover each of these tools in great detail and expain what each tool can do and how it can be used.


K9 Web Protection by BlueCoat Systems
Best for a single user on a single computer, for families with young children, or for those who want something simple to install and configure. Worls on Windows and Mac.


Norton Online Family by Symantec
Best for multiple users across multiple computers, for families with teenagers, and for those who want more filtering and monitoring options. Works on Windows and Android devices.


Best for homes with a variety of devices. Filters all connected devices in your home, such as laptops, iPads and Android tablets, iPhones and Android smart phones, game consoles like Xbox and Wii.


Best for Mac and iOS devices. Similar features to Norton, plus more, but it's not free. Works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Free Anti-virus Software

Every computer needs anti-virus software. Protecting your computer will help protect your kids on the internet, and protect you from identity theft and viruses. But not all anti-virus software works like it should. Below is the highest ranked antivirus software by AV-Test and PC Magazine, and it's free.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Download for Windows:

Downlaod for Mac:

Internet Safety Videos

A few of these videos are used in the Internet Safety presentation. I have also added a lot more that you might find helpful, amusing, and even entertaining.