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2018 National Guard/Utah PTA Veterans Day Concert

2018 National Guard/Utah PTA Veterans Day Concert


Utah PTA/Utah National Guard Annual Veterans Day Concert
Tabernacle on Temple Square
November 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Click here for the  Military Essay Contest Informaiton for Elementary, Middle and High School Entries. 

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Utah PTA supports gas tax increase to fund public education
Board of Directors encourages PTA members to vote for Nonbinding Opinion Question #1

As the largest parent advocacy organization in the state, the Utah PTA is dedicated to supporting families and students to be successful. We believe education is key to that success. To that end, the Utah PTA Board of Directors has voted to support Question #1, which proposes increasing the gas tax by 10 cents for the purpose of supporting public education. The Utah PTA Board of Directors is encouraging its members to vote FOR Question #1 on the November ballot.
(CLICK HERE to see full text of this Media Release)

Utah Proposition 2 - Medical Marijuana Initiative

As the largest parent advocacy organization in the state, Utah PTA cares deeply about the health and well-being of all of our children. One of the purposes of PTA is to advocate for laws that further the physical and mental health, welfare, and safety of the children and youth of this state. When that safety is threatened, we respond with action.

As an organization, Utah PTA believes several guiding principles should lead the discussion on marijuana. First, we support laws that send clear messages to youth and adults not to smoke, vaporize or eat marijuana products. Marijuana use can damage the developing brain, cause addiction, (CLICK HERE to see full text on this issue along with Talking Points)

Utah PTA Venmo Policy

Until Venmo supports nonprofit or group accounts, Utah PTA asks that you don't use Venmo for your PTA.  We suggest using Paypal for online payments or Square or another similar device for taking credit cards in person.  As a reminder, PTAs who accept credit cards need to follow the credit card guidelines found on page 35 of the Treasurer Handbook or at this link



Thanks to all those who help Utah PTA Advocate for Children, Involve Families and Communities and Develop Programs to benefit children.

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