Technology Safeguards

The internet.....

It's good, it's bad and it is ugly! So how do we allow our kids access to the good things found there? Unfortunately, there is no one answer just a whole lot of puzzle pieces!

Here is some food for thought.

Be aware of what devices can surf the internet and before you buy find out what parental controls are available:

  • TV's 
  • Roku
  • Gameboy
  • Smart DVD
  • Cable services
  • Satellite receivers

Be aware of ways to filter (each has their positive and negatives)

  • Whole home ie: Disney's Circle, CleanRouter etc.
  • Service settings through cellular provider ie: Web Guard, Content Filters, AT&T Smart Limits
  • Device filtering through device settings or apps ie: Our Pact, Teen Safe, Net Nanny, etc

Check out the Technology Safeguards pdf to help you get the conversation started.

Most Importantly there is no app or filter that can replace you as the parent in your child's life.

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