Utah PTA Education Commissioner

Local PTA members are invited to sit on the Utah PTA Education Commission. The Commission meets three times a year and discusses education policy throughout the state of Utah. Specialists from the Utah Board of Education sit on this commission.  Various specialties include early childhood education, federal programs, parent, family, and community engagement, certified teacher librarians, trust lands, special needs, etc.

The Utah PTA Education Commission works to support local PTA leaders, parents, and families in the area of public education. Check out the Areas of Focus to see if we can help you. The Commission works to be a resource of current information in what is happening in the public education arena federally and in Utah state through policy and legislation. Members represent parents on various education committees throughout Utah, and network with education stakeholders to help parents, teachers, and students achieve the best outcomes. The Utah PTA Education Commission also seeks to be resource for programs that local PTA Units can implement to improve family engagement and learning opportunities in their schools.

Education Commissioners in the local PTA units can work to create a positive public-school environment by creating opportunities and activities that build relationships and collaboration among administrators, teachers, and families, and link to learning. As the Education Commissioner in your school, you may become the person that people come to when seeking answers regarding education. Check out the Resource Guide and Parent Guides to help you learn more about education topics that affect Utah students and families.

If you would like to receive periodic updates on education news, particularly policy and legislative education news, send me an email. Updates will be sent out weekly during the Legislative Session between March and January and as needed other times of the year.

When your PTA enhances the learning of students in your school, I’d like to hear about it. Please send me an e-mail and let’s share the successes that are happening across the state.

I look forward to working with you during my term as Utah PTA Education Commissioner

LeAnn Wood


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