2018 Bylaws and Resolutions Meeting: Proposed Bylaws Amendments Documentation

There are 3 Proposed Amendments to the Utah PTA Bylaws for the 2018 Leadership Convention Business and Resolutions Meeting this year.

Following is the Title of the Proposal and the Proposed Changes info. Please Click on the PDF below this section to see all of the information. 

It is important that all members attend the Business and Resolutions Meeting. AND that they are informed of and have thought through the changes being proposed. Please take whatever time you need to read through all the information.


~ 1 ~

Article VIII: Regions, Section 7.

Proposed Changes: Change text of section to allow for additional associate directors as needed.


~ 2 ~

Article X: Officers, Directors, Commissioners, and Representatives, Sections 3 and 5

Proposed Changes: Change the title of "Student Involvement Commissioner" to "Student Leadership Commissioner".


~ 3 ~

Article XXIII: Legislation, Sections 2, 3, and 4

Proposed Changes: Changing Policies to Priorities