2018-2019 Utah PTA Legislative Priorities

The Legislative Priorities are the issues that Utah PTA feels are our highest legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session.  They are approved at the September Board of Directors meeting and presented to the membership at the Annual Legislative Advocacy Conference in October.


The Utah PTA 2018-2019 Legislative Priorities

1. Support education legislation which uses new revenue sources to fund the Teacher and Student Success Account and maintains local school board accountability and authority.

2. Support public education allocations which fully fund student enrollment growth and increase the WPU by at least 5.5% to attract, develop and retain quality educators, reduce class sizes, and support local improvement initiatives and programs.

3. Support safe school legislation that encourages decision-making and control under the direction of local school boards. 

4. Support additional funding to help with the overwhelming mental health crisis including, but not limited to, programs, classes, school psychologists, school counselors, school nurses, and social workers.

5.  Support measures to instill proven and effective prevention methods to protect children and strengthen families to overcome the ills of society including:  suicide, tobacco use, underage drinking, drug abuse, sexual exploitation, bullying, and any form of addiction that is harmful to our children’s well-being.

6. Support legislation, funding, and community partnerships that provide programs, affordable housing, education and opportunities for qualifying families.