Utah PTA Advocacy Conference

The Utah PTA is a non-profit, grassroots, child advocacy association made up of parents, teachers, and students. The legislative program of the Utah PTA is derived from the work of PTA in home, school, and community.  PTA efforts “to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth” are based upon: (1) the recognition of the home as the foundation of our society; (2) parental involvement as an essential component of all policy-making processes pertaining to children; (3) the observance and understanding of the rights and obligations of responsible citizenship and ethical government; and, (4) the realization that maintaining a free and public education system is a cornerstone of democracy.  Utah PTA advocacy is based upon the actions called for by the Utah PTA through resolutions and position statements.

2016 Utah PTA Vital Issues/Advocacy Conference

Morning workshops will focus on suicide prevention.

Disturbing new data from the Department of Health indicates the leading cause of death among Utah children ages 10-17 is suicide. “Last year we were over 600,” said Dr. Todd Grey, the chief medical examiner for Utah. “We’re certainly on track for being over 600 this year. So that means every day, on average, we’re going to see at least one to possibly two suicides.” A new report shows the youth suicide rate in Utah has nearly tripled since 2007. It is now the leading cause of death among 10 to 17-year-olds in Utah. (reported July 10, 2016 on Fox News)


STUDENT TRACK: Student Suicide Prevention
The student track will be guided by Paul Dymock, LCSW and Suicide Prevention Specialist for Alpine School District.   It will be held from 9:30-11:30am.  
Registration will begin at 9:00 am.

Adult Track: See flyer below

Suicide Prevention Summit in the morning with all adults together for three presentations:
Women's Issues and Suicide:  Cindy Davis and Kimberly Myers
Addiction and Suicide: Wade Milne
Bullying and Suicide: Jonathan Sherman

12:00 - 1:00

Lunch and PTA Business Meeting:  Bylaws Change and Resolution

Afternoon Session--Vital Issues Workshops: Repeated Workshop (choose two)
Taming the Technology Monster: Deanna Lambson
Parents Role in Creating the State Education Plan through ESSA: Richard Nye
Understanding Human Trafficking in Utah: Elisie Reifschneider and Dan Strong
Refugees--Understanding, Helping and Education


2016 Utah PTA Advocacy Conference Bylaws and Resolutions

Resolutions:  Adopted at the Utah PTA Advocacy Conference or Utah PTA Leadership Conference and reflect the opinion of the majority of those voting at the convention or conference.  


Bylaws Change for Utah PTA Bylaws

2016 Utah PTA Proposed Bylaws Amendments

AMENDMENT 1. Article X. Section 1 - Officers, Directors, Commissioners, and Representatives          

RATIONALE: This amendment would re-name the programs vice president to advocacy vice president. This Amendment would eliminate the overlap of responsibility of two executive positions on the Utah PTA State Board of Directors, streamline effective working with the commissioners and avoid confusion for commissioners of their direct communication to the executive committee. It permits the combining of the positions of programs vice president and director of advocacy to the new name of advocacy vice president.

Section 1. Amend by striking the words “a programs” and inserting the word “an advocacy” in its place.

Proposed Amendment: Section 1. The officers of the Utah PTA shall be a president, a president-elect, a programs an advocacy vice president, a regions vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer.

Proviso: If this Amendment passes changes would be made in the Utah PTA Bylaws to reflect the approved change of programs vice president to advocacy vice president and remove reference to Director of Advocacy in the bylaws.


Resolutions are the means by which the Utah PTA is given direction for action.
Below is the resolution to be voted on by the membership attending the November 7, 2016 Utah PTA Vital Issues/Advocacy Conference.

2016-2017 Utah PTA Legislative Priorities

The Legislative Priorities are the issues that Utah PTA feels are our highest legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session.  They are approved at the September Board of Directors meeting and presented to the membership at the Annual Legislative Advocacy Conference in October.

The Utah PTA 2016-2017 Legislative Priorities

  1.  Amendment B

  2.  Recruiting and retaining highly educated and effective educators

  3.  State School board nonpartisan election

  4.  Transparency and accountability in public education funding

  5.  Prioritizes a WPU increase after meeting ongoing obligations and committments

  6. Drop out Recovery




2014 SAGE Test Workshop

Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE)

The first session of the Utah PTA Advocacy Conference was a wonderful presentation by Dr. Judy Park, the Utah State Office of Education Associate Superintendent/Student Services and Federal Programs, regarding SAGE.  We hope for all who attended the opening session that the information given was informative and helpful.  As you have discussions with parents please share the information you received, it will help all parents better see the areas of success for their child and help them know what will assist their child in the learning process.

As requested at the conference, Dr. Judy Park has shared her powerpoint with Utah PTA and it is attached below.

To assist those who were not able to attend advocacy conference here is a little information regarding SAGE:

SAGE is Utah's computer adaptive assessment system aligned to the state's core standards.  This comprehensive testing system inclues:

SAGE SummativeSummative adaptive assessments required for state and federal accountability provided for English laguage arts (ELA), math and science

SAGE Formative: Optional learning resources, test items, and learning activities available to teachers, parents and students, linked to students' summative test results.

Along with the powerpoint we have also included a few documents from the USOE website regarding SAGE.  If you are interested in seeing more information, click here to go to the Utah State Office of Education information on SAGE(link is external).

Click here for a link to hear what teachers are saying about SAGE(link is external).

If you have any questions regarding SAGE please post your questions on the Utah PTA facebook page and we will get you the answer to your question as soon a possible. 

Advocacy Training by the Menloves

Past Superintendent Martell Menlove and Representative Ronda Menlove were the guest speakers at the 2014 Advocacy Conference.  Below is the powerpoint they shared as they gave our PTA members good information on how to advocate within the local School Teachers and Administrators, with District Adminstrators, with the member the School Board, and with Legislators.

Attached Documents: