Utah PTA Advocacy Conference

The Utah PTA is a non-profit, grassroots, child advocacy association made up of parents, teachers, and students. The legislative program of the Utah PTA is derived from the work of PTA in home, school, and community.  PTA efforts “to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth” are based upon: (1) the recognition of the home as the foundation of our society; (2) parental involvement as an essential component of all policy-making processes pertaining to children; (3) the observance and understanding of the rights and obligations of responsible citizenship and ethical government; and, (4) the realization that maintaining a free and public education system is a cornerstone of democracy.  Utah PTA advocacy is based upon the actions called for by the Utah PTA through resolutions and position statements.

2018 Advocacy Conference

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Proposed Utah PTA Bylaws Amendments

Utah PTA Public Policy Program
Proposed Bylaw Change and Public Policy Program

Article XXIII: Legislation, Sections 2, 3, and 4

(Legend:   Add   Remove)

Proposed Change: Adopts and defines the Utah PTA Public Policy Program as the process by which Utah PTA legislative efforts occur. 

Section 2.  Utah PTA legislative efforts shall be determined by the Utah PTA Public Policy Program which consists of the National PTA and Utah PTA resolutions, the Utah PTA Legislative Policy, legislative policies the Utah PTA legislative priorities, and the National PTA and Utah PTA Position Statements legislative action items

Section 3.  Utah PTA legislative policies priorities shall be presented for consideration at the annual Advocacy Conference at least once during the term of office of each Utah PTA president. 

Section 4.  A copy of the proposed Utah PTA legislative policies Public Policy Program shall be sent by the secretary to each member of the Utah PTA Board of Directors, to each council president, and to the president of each local PTA and PTSA in membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual Advocacy Conference. 

Utah PTA 2018 Proposed Resolutions

PTA Resolutions help our organization to function with consistency and unity. They are also the mean by which Utah PTA is given direction for action. It is important that we speak as one voice for the benefit of Utah’s children. Becoming aware of existing resolutions will help you to know what the official stand is on any given issue.

Below are two proposed resolutions for your consideration. (Only the Resolved statements are listed here. For full text including the Whereas statements and Documentation, please download the pdf at the bottom of this section.)


HEA 2018 - Cannabis

Resolved,   That Utah PTA and its constituent associations opposes the legalization of recreational cannabis or marijuana, and be it further

Resolved,   That Utah PTA and its constituent associations support continued research aimed at providing patients access to cannabis-based medications only under the following conditions:  pharmacy dispensed and prescribed only by a medical professional licensed to prescribe medications, and be it further

Resolved,   That Utah PTA and its constituent associations support unbiased, independent medical professionals, scientists, and researchers determining what medical products are safe for use in our society and allow them to cultivate and process cannabis for academic or medical purposes, and be it further

Resolved,   That Utah PTA and its constituent associations support legislative action that institutes or appropriately increases criminal penalties for individuals or organizations who grow, sell, or distribute cannabis, and for minor offenders, access to a variety of evidence-based services for rehabilitation; and be it further

Resolved,   That Utah PTA and its constituent associations support the age-appropriate education of all children and families regarding the dangers and consequences of cannabis use; and be it further

Resolved,   That Utah PTA and its constituent associations work to promote community programs on the state and local level to educate both parents and children on the dangers of cannabis use.

(This Updates and Replaces HEA 2011-2 - Marijuana)


FAM 2018 - Foster Care Standards

Resolved,  That Utah PTA advocate for resources to help parents keep children in their own homes whenever it is in the best interest of the child; and be it further

Resolved,  That Utah PTA and its constituent associations promote the recruitment of more foster/adoptive families; encourage PTA members to become licensed foster/adoptive families; and continue to work with the Division of Child and Family services and the legislature to ensure that standards are not lowered in order to generate a greater number of approved foster care providers; and be it further

Resolved,  That Utah PTA and its constituent associations, advocate for an increase in funding, a raise in the out-of-home reimbursement rate and funding for some childcare expenses of foster children to ensure quality foster homes and services; and be it further

Resolved,  That Utah PTA encourage the legislature to pass laws that will ensure that the best interests of the child be given primary emphasis in placement matters; and be it further

Resolved,  That Utah PTA encourage programs that would promote community support and awareness for the foster care family; and be it further

Resolved,  That Utah PTA and its constituent associations, advocate for more Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), lighter caseloads for the guardian ad litem charged with advocating for the foster child and any other legislation or volunteerism that helps foster children have more one on one time with an advocate to promote the best interests of the child in court or on the care team; and be it further

Resolved,  That Utah PTA and its constituent bodies support educational guidelines, procedures, and laws that ensure and protect the rights of a student in foster care to a public education.

2018-2019 Utah PTA Legislative Priorities

The Legislative Priorities are the issues that Utah PTA feels are our highest legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session.  They are approved at the September Board of Directors meeting and presented to the membership at the Annual Legislative Advocacy Conference in October.


The Utah PTA 2018-2019 Legislative Priorities

1. Support education legislation which uses new revenue sources to fund the Teacher and Student Success Account and maintains local school board accountability and authority.

2. Support public education allocations which fully fund student enrollment growth and increase the WPU by at least 5.5% to attract, develop and retain quality educators, reduce class sizes, and support local improvement initiatives and programs.

3. Support safe school legislation that encourages decision-making and control under the direction of local school boards. 

4. Support additional funding to help with the overwhelming mental health crisis including, but not limited to, programs, classes, school psychologists, school counselors, school nurses, and social workers.

5.  Support measures to instill proven and effective prevention methods to protect children and strengthen families to overcome the ills of society including:  suicide, tobacco use, underage drinking, drug abuse, sexual exploitation, bullying, and any form of addiction that is harmful to our children’s well-being.

6. Support legislation, funding, and community partnerships that provide programs, affordable housing, education and opportunities for qualifying families.

SAGE Test Information

Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE)

The first session of the 2014 Utah PTA Advocacy Conference was a presentation by Dr. Judy Park, the Utah State Office of Education Associate Superintendent/Student Services and Federal Programs, regarding SAGE. As requested at the conference, Dr. Judy Park has shared her powerpoint with Utah PTA and it is attached below.

Here is a little information regarding SAGE:

SAGE is Utah's computer adaptive assessment system aligned to the state's core standards.  This comprehensive testing system inclues:

SAGE SummativeSummative adaptive assessments required for state and federal accountability provided for English laguage arts (ELA), math and science

SAGE Formative: Optional learning resources, test items, and learning activities available to teachers, parents and students, linked to students' summative test results.

Along with the powerpoint we have also included a few documents from the USOE website regarding SAGE.  If you are interested in seeing more information, click here to go to the Utah State Office of Education information on SAGE(link is external).

Click here for a link to hear what teachers are saying about SAGE(link is external).

If you have any questions regarding SAGE please post your questions on the Utah PTA facebook page and we will get you the answer to your question as soon a possible. 

Advocacy Training

Past Superintendent Martell Menlove and Representative Ronda Menlove were the guest speakers at the 2014 Advocacy Conference. Below is the powerpoint they shared as they gave our PTA members good information on how to advocate within the local School Teachers and Administrators, with District Adminstrators, with the member the School Board, and with Legislators.

Attached Documents: