What Does A Health Commissioner Do?

You may seem overwhelmed if you feel you have to cover so many topics relating to children’s physical and mental health.  There are so many programs and activities that it would be impossible for one school to participate in all of them.  Your job as Health Commissioner is to work with your School and PTA Board and determine what are your greatest needs and focus on that.  If you are an elementary school you may want to focus on Nutrition, Physical Health, Screenings and Bully Prevention.  If you are a secondary school you may want to focus on Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Prevention.  Plan 1-2 large events throughout the year to highlight the area(s) of focus your school wants to promote, then add several small updates throughout the year to keep it in the minds of your teachers, parents and students.  There are several organizations that provide free resources and training to help with any need you want to focus on in regards to Healthy Living.


Also, as Health Commissioner you may be involved with promoting and educating parents, teachers and children in regards to legislative issues regarding to Health.  Promoting measures that will help prevent Substance Abuse, bring awareness to Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Issues, promote Nutrition and Physical Activity through Recess and PE, etc…  Be aware of the issues going on with your school and community and help promote and train programs and activities that will strengthen the overall health of our children.