PTSA Scholarships

Many PTSAs ask if they can give away a scholarship to a student upon graduation from high school.  This is a legitimate PTSA expense and should be allocated in your budget.  It should be given for college or trade school for a student to continue their education.

There should be clear guidelines for the qualifications for the scholarship.  There also should be clear guidelines on how the money is to be disbursed and/or held, if necessary due to delay in schooling.  This should be decided on at the beginning of the school year and advertised well in advance so that all students have the opportunity to apply.

The scholarship MUST include:
* The student(s) MUST be a member of your PTSA
* The money MUST be given to the school they are to attend under their name to be used for tuition, books, supplies, housing, etc.

The scholarship COULD include components such as:
* Perform a certain number of service hours
* Serve on your local PTSA student board
* Help plan/run PTSA events
* I
nclude an essay question about their experiences and memories of PTA through the years

If you have questions how to start the scholarship for your PTSA, contact your Council President or Region Director for help.