Becoming a Member of PTA

Membership in a local unit (school) of Utah PTA is available to any person who is passionate about making a difference for children. Membership dues are set by each local unit and include membership in council, state, and national affiliates. Membership dues are used to further the programs and activities of PTA units. While not all members are available to volunteer their time at a local school, Utah PTA believes that each member can be an example and make a difference in the life of a child.

Membership in the state and national PTAs are included with your local PTA membership. State ($1.75) and National ($2.25) dues are used by the Board of Directors of Utah and National PTA to serve and provide valuable training and resources to the local PTA units across the state and nation. These Boards are comprised entirely of volunteers who want to be a resource to all local PTA units regarding all children's issues.

Joining PTA allows you to make a difference in your child's life, no matter where you join. You can:

  • Join the PTA nearest you. To find your local PTA, use National PTA's look-up feature (link is external). Contact the school or president, and join! You can also join the Beehive Unit of Utah PTA online! Go to the Utah PTA Store on this website! Each member allows PTA to have a greater voice in advocating for our children!
  • Start a new PTA Unit. If you are a parent, school employee, or concerned citizen in a school without a PTA, starting a new unit is easy to do. Whether there is no parent group activity at your school now, or your existing parent group wants to realize all the benefits of PTA membership, please contact Utah PTA at 1-801-261-3100.