10 Tips For A Successful Membership Campaign

1. Form a Membership Committee

  • Yes! It’s a real thing!
  • You can’t do it alone!
  • You shouldn’t try!
  • I’m serious!

2.  Choose a Campaign Theme

  • Having a theme generates interest and enthusiasm.
  • Display your theme in a high-traffic area of the school.
  • Show the results of your campaign.

3.  Set Goals

  • Together the membership committee sets goals.
  • Make sure the goals are reasonable and attainable, though challenging.
  • Remember to choose goals that will fit your individual strengths, comfort level budget, time, and expertise.

          “We will increase our membership by 10% over last year.”
          “We will get 100% of teachers to join PTA.”
          “We will increase our male membership by 10% over last year.”

4.  Target Potential Members

     Assign committee members specific responsibilities:

  • Retaining members
  • Recruiting new members
  • Increasing male involvement
  • Asking teachers and staff to join

5.  Have a Plan

          “We will set up a membership table at Back-to-School Night.”
          “We will have an incentive for the class with the highest percentage of members.”
          “We will post on our social media sites.”

6.  Sell the Value of PTA Membership

  • Recruiting new members goes hand-in-hand with making sure they find value in PTA and renew their membership.
  • Emphasize to new members what they get for their membership dues.
  • Keep members motivated through on-going communication, opportunities to volunteer, and recognition.
  • However, the number one benefit that PTA members receive from PTA membership is the ability to help their own or other children.

7.  Incentivize

  • Awards/Prizes:
    “The Class with the highest percentage of memberships get…”
    “The class with 100% envelopes returned gets…” (empty envelopes are okay!)
  • Ask the Principal to do something wacky if you reach a certain goal.
  • Offer “punch cards” to members for joining.
  • Offer discounts on school t-shirts.
  • $6 PTA membership dues receives $6 credit at the book fair or carnival.
  • Free entrance into the school dance for joining PTSA.

8.  Campaign All Year Long

  • Every event your PTA holds is a chance to have more people join, so always have your sign-up sheets and information ready!
  • Continue to ask parents to join.
  • Continue to promote your PTA.
  • Every time you have a PTA event, have membership envelopes on hand to hand out to people who are not yet members.
  • Ask for a PTA table at major school events.
  • Include PTA membership materials in new student packets in the school office.

9.  Don’t Forget:

  • Plans are worthless unless they are put into practice.
  • Be sure to schedule your recruitment and retention activities throughout the year, particularly at Back-to-School Night in the fall and at the start of the new year in January.
  • Assign a specific person to be in charge of coordinating the different events, but involve all of your members.

10.  Evaluate and Adjust Accordingly

  • Continuously seek feedback from committee members on issues such as:
    - How many new members they are recruiting.
    - How they are helping these new members acclimate to PTA and get involved.
    - How many members are staying active.
  • Regardless of whether the evaluation is done through a formal survey or informal communication, it should be systematic, recorded, and used to adjust and improve the goals of the Membership Committee.