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* Tuesday, February 12, 2019  for the Utah PTA Day at the Capitol



"Advocating for Every Child with one Voice"

As Parents, Teachers, and as PTA members we are strong advocates for children.  Utah PTA’s ability to be effective in its advocacy efforts increases with each individual who will actively be involved with and advocate on behalf of children.  I am excited to serve as the Utah PTA Advocacy Vice President this year. I look forward  to working legislatively on behalf of all children in Utah.  To succeed and be effective in meeting the needs of PTA members I would like to have all Legislative Vice Presidents and/or Legislative contacts feel free to contact me and have input on issues and concerns in PTA.  I am requesting the following information from all PTA’s – local, councils, and regions:

·         Send me the name and email address of the Legislative Vice President and/or Legislative contacts in your school.  I would like to set up conference calls with the legislative contacts to share information and to hear any concerns or questions.  With the technology available today these calls can comprise satellite advisory committees for the legislative activity of Utah PTA.  We can easily communicate with all areas of the state and truly hear the voice of our membership.  It is only with your help that I can speak with you and hear your concerns; please send names, email addresses, and phone numbers to kara@utahpta.org.

·         Join the ”member to member network” of Utah PTA.  Through membership in this network, you will receive updates and alerts on what is happening legislatively in the State as well information on National issues of interest and concern to PTA.  All PTA members are welcome to join this network; please email kara@utahpta.org and in the subject line write “Member to Member” and include your email address in the body of the email. Join the hundreds of individuals who are already in the Utah PTA “member to member network.”

·         Alerts will be sent out when your actions are needed on issues.  We will attach talking points and information on who to contact concerning the matter of the alert.


Please include information in your school newsletter, on your website, and give information during your PTA meetings on the membership’s opportunity for phone conference calls.  Help your PTA members be aware of the Utah PTA “Member to Member” network.  Let PTA members know of their opportunity to unite their voices on behalf of all children Every Child One Voice.