Souper Bowl of Caring


10 Tips for Organizing a
Souper Bowl of Caring for your school


1.   Most high school events are organized by student body leaders, although PTA leaders (Olympus, Skyline) have played large roles and some clubs (Weber High HOSA) have led outstanding events.

2.   Most elementary school events are organized by principals and PTA leaders

3.   Educate the students, faculty and staff and on the student hunger problem and potential solutions. The Utah Food Bank routinely holds Souper Bowl of Caring presentations and tours. Regional Food pantries have smaller staffs but given lead time they might arrange for presentations and tours as well.

4.   CASH NOT CANS. Cash drives are more useful than food drives. Donors pay retail in food drives. The Utah Food Bank can buy $7 of food with just $1 of cash. Cash drives pay for more food. In addition, transportation and distribution are expensive. When you tour the Utah Food Bank you see the truck bays and parking lots and realize sending trucks all over the state is expensive.

5.   When should I have the event? Most schools hold week long events leading up to the Super Bowl. Some schools, kickoff the event after the Super Bowl teams are determined and go for the two weeks leading up to the game. What works for   you? Juan Diego had a great two-week event that started the week before the game and concluded the week after. One school started right after Christmas break and went thru the entire NFL playoffs.

6.   Incentives often energize the student body. One principal agreed to shave his head if the school reached the goal. Another principal agreed to sit on the roof in a snow storm. One school gave the students a short day if they hit the goal.   Schools have challenged each other. Please keep it fun. We want people to participate again next year!

7.   Recruit local businesses. If they buy banners that hang in the gym or on the fence at football games they are invested in the school. Educate them on the problem and ask them for a donation, or get them to hold an event at their cash register. If twenty businesses donate $500 you have a $10,000 event before the students raise a single dollar. Parents may help you connect to businesses they own or manage.

8.   Contact your local grocery stores. The Souper Bowl is the second biggest food consumption day of the year behind only Thanksgiving. The Saturday before the Super Bowl is a huge shopping day. Get permission from the store manager and have groups of students take 2-3 hour shifts, collecting donations in front of the stores all day long. Let shoppers know the money will be staying right in the area and they will probably give more.

9.   Email and let him know if you are doing something creative or if you have a big total. Some students end up on KUTV 2 News and Talkin’ Sports every year to share their stories and totals.

10. Report your final total by email to (after January 20th).


Celebrate your final total. Everything helps.

Start planning for next year’s Souper Bowl of Caring event and break your record!