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Teach your kids to recognize false advertizing! March 2-8 is National Consumer Protection Week. It would be a good time to to teach kids to be smart consumers. Try out some fun online games that challenge kids to comparison shop to make wise purchases and to recognize false advertising.

The Consumer Action Handbook also offers information on a variety of consumer topics.


The Museum in the Classroom -- or Home

The National Gallery of Art’s Children’s Video Tour - Time Travel is an exceptional online resource that takes students on a tour into famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt Van Rijn, Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet and more. Each featured painting has a video that brings the painting to life by providing commentary about the artist, the model(s), and interesting details about each work of art. Students can explore “Saint George and the Dragon” by Raphael or learn details about Mary Cassatt’s career by clicking on her painting, “The Boating Party.”  If you can’t take your students to the museum, this is a wonderful way to bring the museum to your students.

Financial Literacy

There are many reasons that children should learn to save and spend money wisely. Parents may be interested in resources that help them to teach financial literacy at home. PTA leaders may want to craft an activity at the school around this theme too.
Check out Money as You Grow, an online, interactive tool to give families a guideline for teaching kids 3 to 18 (and even beyond) important money lessons, like how to make good choices when spending, how to avoid debt, and why it's important to save for an emergency.

Civics Education

A series celebrating the 225th Anniversary of the United States' Constitution was developed by Lydia Nuttal in Morgan, Utah and is being used in the Morgan School District. It is found on the Morgan City website. It is called "Forgotten American Family Night Stories" and is easily adapted to family, PTA meeting, classroom, or after school program use. Ms Nuttall holds the copyright but has given permission for non-commercial use.

Here are links to the first five sets of materials: January, February, March, April, May. Check out the Morgan City website for additional topics!

Civics Education has a champion in Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. The project she is promoting is called iCivics and can be found at this website. It features games that kids can play from the website and also has lesson plans that can be adapted for the classroom or an AfterSchool program. Click here for a blog report on Justice O'Connor's motivation and involvement.

Find resources as varied as our country at

Additional Educational Programs for Local PTAs

Scripps National Spelling Bee: Pre-enrollment in the 2018 Bee is available now through October 14, 2017 for $145 per school
Open to Grades 1-8
For local information contact the following:
Bryan Scott ( or Melissa Worthen (

National Geographic Bee: On-line registration available now through December 21, 2017 for $120 per school
Open to Grades 4-8

Utah History Day:
Open to any Utah Student in grades 4-12 at no cost. Students can participate even if their school does not.

District Science and Engineering Fairs:
Rules vary among districts and location. Check out this website for more information.

Poetry Out Loud: Registration for 2017-2018 opens August 22, 2017
Open to Grades 9-12

Utah State Senate Visual Arts Scholarship Competition:
Grades 9-12


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