Membership Card Template

Use the attached pdf template to print your membership cards.  The template is just a white sheet with gray spaces on it. You will need to use the membership card itself as a guide to know what information goes in which space.

To begin filling in the template, click the top left Member Name line. 'Tab' will take you to the next line for the Unit ID number and 'Tab' again will take you to the Local PTA Name line. The Unit ID and Local PTA Name only needs to be typed in once as the rest of these spaces on the page will auto-fill. 'Tab' will take you to the next Member Name line and on through the page. 

You do not need to save the page to print. Once it is filled in you can print the page. Make sure your Print Menu has the ACTUAL SIZE button selected.  Once you've printed a page of cards, you can click and drag to highlight the (top left) Member Name lines again and type in new names over the previous ones. As before, the Tab button will take you to the next name space. Click/drag to highlight and type in a new name.

WHEN PRINTING: If you are having trouble getting the printed information (in the gray areas) inside the spaces on the cards, check your Print Menu - Look specifically at the 'Fit to Page' and 'Actual Size' buttons. One of these will be selected automatically. Click on the one that is NOT selected and select it and try printing again - it may just be that your printer needs that different selelction.

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