"Look at this Book!"

In this section, I will spotlight an author and encourage you to read one of their books.

Last time I spotlighted the author, Avi.  I hope you had a chance to read one of his books.  This time, I’d like to tell you about Barbara Brooks Wallace.  She is best known for her books about orphaned children who have fallen into unfortunate hardships.  These books involve a mystery that leads to several other questions and twists and turns of the plot.  Her mystery books include, Peppermints in the Parlor, Twins in the Tavern, Cousins in the Castle and much more.  I always read “Peppermints” to my students, and they never want me to stop reading!  Plus, they are driven to read the rest of her books. 

Barbara Brooks Wallace was born in China.  She also spent much of her childhood there.  Later she moved to the United States.  San Francisco was the port of entry for her family many times.  The huge white-pillared mansion on the side of a hill that she lived in became the Sugar Hill Hall mansion which served as the setting for some of her most popular books.

Her web site contains humor and a real sense of who she is.  She sounds like a fun person with unique characteristics.  Enjoy reading some of her other genres, like musicals and fantasy.  http://www.barbarabrookswallace.com