Literacy Programs For Your Local PTAs

Summer Reading to Keep Children Academically Ontrack --and Enjoying it!

There is clear evidence that the summer break from school results in academic back-sliding for many students. Make sure your child is maintaining his literacy level by encouraging summer reading. See the helps on the USOE website.

Elementary School PTA leaders!

Want a program that can help engage parents and community members to help your school? KSL Read Today can help this happen. Read Today is a high impact literacy program that pairs struggling readers with volunteer tutors. Their mission is to connect families, local businesses, organizations, and religious groups to their local school to make a difference in their community. The purpose of Read Today is to help students become proficient in reading. Read Today works directly with AmeriCorps in the schools. AmeriCorps administers the program, uses the STAR tutoring program to train volunteers, collect data, and ensure quality and consistency. KSL creates awareness, recruits tutors, provides incentives and celebrations with Chopper 5 landings and literacy events. Partners who share our goals include, United Way, the Utah State Office of Education, PTA, and Prosperity 2020. Anyone interested in learning more about the program can visit

As a partner with Read Today, Prosperity 2020, and the Governor's PACE goal, Utah PTA encourages local units to help recruit the volunteers necessary to put the STAR tutoring program to work in your schools.


Make reading a daily activity that is fun for the whole family!

Look for a program that suits the needs of your students among the many that are available in our own communities.
Partner with the community to energize your events!

Here are a few links that might help you create a great literacy event at your school. Click on the blue name or phrase to link to these resources:


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