PTA and Leadership

Benefits of PTA and Why Your School Should be a Part of It

PTA is the largest volunteer voice for child advocacy Nationally and in the State of Utah

Why have a PTA?

  • The number one reason? To benefit your children.
  • Get connected to what's happening in your school.
  • Discover available resources.
  • Join a network of parents and teachers to voice ideas, concerns, and experiences.
  • Access to collaboration with administration and teachers.
  • Ability to bring forward positive change to school environment.
  • Opportunity to volunteer, gain knowledge, and communication skills learned to benefit your school community.

Utah PTA Provides:

  • Leadership Convention
  • Leadership training and support for Presidents, Treasurers and local leaders
  • Handbooks for all leadership position and PTA programs
  • Training and assistance with IRS filings
  • Maintenance of Charitable Solicitation Permit for locals
  • maintenance and protection of non-profit status for locals

Adovacate for Children:

  • Education, Health, Safety, and Community Involvement
  • Family Life, Individual Development and Student Leadership
  • At the state Capitol during the legislative session
  • School Trust Lands coordination for beneficiaries

 PTA Programs:

  • Reflections
  • PTSA Battle of the Bands
  • PTA Take Your Family to School Week
  • PTA Three for Me
  • PTA Day at the Capitol / Student Track
  • Leadership Convention
  • Advocacy Conference / Student Track
  • Student Leadership Conference
  • Teacher Appreciation

Awards, Grants & Scholarships

  • Uath PTA Awards
  • LEAP (Leadership, Education and Partnership) Awards
  • Arts Grants
  • PTSA Student Scholarships
  • National PTA Awards & Grants


Etiquette Tips for PTA Meetings

Whether you are meeting with your Regions, Councils or Commissioners or attending a meeting, how you present yourself in a business setting can go a long way in how you are perceived by others. How they perceive you may be the key to success or not. Consider each meeting an opportunity to showcase your talent, knowledge, and profressionalism.

Attached below is a more in-depth paper on the following Etiquette Tips:

  • Mingle with others before the meeting starts
  • Be on time
  • Dress approporiately
  • Be prepared
  • Have a strong agenda
  • Be polite
  • Be concise
  • Food in meetings
  • Phone ettiquette
  • Conference calls
  • Leaving early
  • Send thanks