Information for the Arts Education Grant


2014-2015 Utah Arts Grant Awardees

$500 Matching Awards:

Dixie Sun Elementary, Region 20

H. Guy Child Elementary, Region 2

Lakeview Elementary, Region 10

Midvale Elementary, Region 17

Morningside Elementary, Region 5

Oak Canyon Junior, Region 9

Polk Elementary, Region 2

Riverview Elementary, Region 9

Samuel Morgan Elementary, Region 3

Valley View Elementary, Region 9




Utah PTA announces that funds have been received to give grants up to $500 for art programs in Utah schools sponsored by individual PTA units.  These funds will match funds that local school PTAs provide for enhancing art programs for elementary and secondary students.  


The applications for these funds is found in the link below.  Applications must be postmarked by February 1, 2016.


Applications will be reviewed and awards announced at our Utah PTA Leadership Convention in June, with monies being distributed the following July 1.


We welcome contributions to our fund, which is available to all schools in Utah.   


For further information, contact:      

Utah PTA 

5192 Greenpine Drive 

Salt Lake City, UT 84123