Important Pre-planning Steps to Take

Meet with the Executive Committee (elected officers)  to review the needs assessment and set goals and make plans.

Decide the method you will use for recruiting volunteers.

Make a list of each project, activity, committee, program, etc. that PTA will sponsor, with the help of the needs assessment. 

Now is the time to make changes. Eliminate projects and activities that have low parent and volunteer participation or are time intensive with little benefit. 

Design new ways to meet the needs of the school.  Think about what is best for the children. 

Once you have decided what you will do, decide what committees you will need and how many volunteers you need for each one. 

Make large jobs smaller.  A good example is Reflections.  You need a chairman for Reflections, but get sub-committee chairmen over each category.  It is easy to find parents who have special training or interest in specific categories who can take care of getting judges for just their category.  Then you have a committee who can help with the awards program.