An Important Key to Success--Know Your Members and what is important to them

Prepare and distribute a needs assessment, use the results in planning the year.

Send out an email questionnaire or have a paper questionnaire for parents to fill out at an event in March or April.

Offer an incentive to increase participation—such as entering a drawing.

Don’t forget to have your teachers fill out the needs assessment, or better yet, make a separate one for teachers. Who knows better than the teachers what the students need most, and how parental involvement could be improved.

Use the results of the needs assessment in planning your year.

There are some great ideas for PTA Needs Assessments on the internet.  Here are a few;

Welby Elementary, Jordan District:

Monte Vista Elementary, Jordan District:

Westvale Elementary, Jordan District:

Magna Elementary, Granite District:

If you have a needs assessment you would like to share, please send it to