Health Commission

Welcome! Let's talk about children's health, and some simple things you can do to make a difference—in your family, school, and community. Please scroll down to find links, as well as information on coming programs and activities. We are interested in your questions, comments, and ideas. Your needs drive our efforts, so please do not hesitate to share what's worked well for you, as well as letting us know what support you need. Together we can become healthier and happier as we work to light the way for every child.

Utah PTA strongly believes that health means so much more than being what the media tells us about being thin and athletic; healthy people are happy people who feel good—inside and out. We can all do better at improving our lifestyles, and that happens one step at a time. Whether it's eating healthier foods, reducing unnecessary stress, or remembering to apply sunscreen before playing outside, one simple change in your life, in your school, or in your community can have lasting effects.

Health covers an extremely broad range of issues, and Utah PTA has chosen the following to focus on and advocate for in the best interest of children:

  • Bully Prevention and Coping Skills
  • Dental Care
  • Environmental Health
  • Growth/Maturation
  • Health Care and Insurance
  • Immunization
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Fitness
  • School Wellness Policies
  • Screenings (vision, hearing, scoliosis, asthma)
  • Substance Abuse
  • Suicide Prevention

Vacancy -- Utah PTA Health Commissioner

Utah PTA Declares a Vacancy in the Position of Health Commissioners

The Utah PTA has announced the opening on the Utah PTA Board of Directors for the position of Utah PTA Health Commissioner.  The Nominee will fill for the completion of the 2016-2017 term.  It is a 1 year postion beginning July 1, 2017 and the term will end June 30, 2018. 

Qualification and responsibilites of the postion include:

1. The nominee must be a member of a local PTA.
2. The nominee will serve on the Utah PTA Board of Directors which meets 6 times annually, usually on Wednesday and Thursday of the first full week of the monts to include, July, September, November, January, March, and May.
3. The nominee will chair the Health Commission Committee which usually meets in September, November, January in conjunction with the Utah PTA Board of Directors meetings. Meeting may be scheduled at others times as needed by the commission. 
4. The nominee is a member of the Utah PTA Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC) which meets monthly.  During the Legislative session the LAC meets weekly to discuss legislation and the nominee will read legislation, work with Legislators, and recommend the position Utah PTA will have on the bills followed related to health issues.  Positions on the bills will be recommended by the nominee based on Utah PTA Health resolutions.
5. The nominee will be involved in three (3) Utah PTA Conferences, October--Legislative Advocacy Conference, February--PTA Day at the Capitol, and May--Leadership Convention. There are duties and responsibilities related to each of the conferences/conventions for the nominee.
6. The nominee does serve on and attend various committees and agency meetings related to health throughout the year.

The Utah PTA Health Commissioner works with the Utah PTA Programs Vice President and the Director of Advocacy

Please email or mail forms to the Utah PTA President:
email: Mauvia Christensen - , (include Nominee in the Subject Line)
mail: Utah PTA State Office, 5192 Greenpine Drive, SLC, Utah 84123 (include "Nomination" on the envelope)

Emails and Mail must be dated by midnight March 31, 2017.

Attached below is the Utah PTA Form for Recommending Nominees for Uta PTA Officers, Directors, Commissioenrs, and Representatives. 
Also attached is a job description for the position of Utah PTA Health Commissioner.
Note: Please disregard the date due on the form and send all forms to the Utah PTA office by November 30, 2015.


Health Commissioner Training

<p>Here you will find helpful tools in training to be a Health Commissioner.</p>

USDA Smart Snack in Schools,
Beverage Guidelines

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

California Project LEAN, Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition

Virginian Department of Education

Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods and Beverages
A Comparison of USDA’s Smart Snacks in School vs. Iowa’s Healthy Kids Act

Upcoming Webinars and Topics

If you missed the School Lunch Webinar or want to share it, click on the link below.

Click on the link below to hear the Smart Snacks in School Webinar.

Feb 13, 2014 Success begins at breakfast! 10;00-11;00 a.m.

Apr 9, 2014 Webinar has been cancelled.

Ribbon Week

For information on how to organize a successful Ribbon Week event, please visit, where you will find a downloadable booklet on organizing a ribbon week.

Below is a list of websites with ideas for Ribbon Weeks, the different ribbon colors, and what they mean. Choose the one that fits your school best.

Red Ribbon - Drug Free

Yellow Ribbon - Teen Suicide Prevention

Green Ribbon--Awareness of Sexual Violence

Green Ribbon - Safety in the Roads

White Ribbon - Increase Awareness of Pornography

Blue Ribbon - Child Abuse Prevention

  • ribbons for Ribbon Week


    Ribbons can be purchased for $1.50 a roll/300 feet.

    Ribbons of various colors are available from:

    Transit Instruments
    612 West Confluence Ave (4206 South)
    Murray, UT 84123

    Call ahead to place your order. Mention the Utah PTA for a discount!

For More Information

Utah Department of Health -

For a wealth of information on a variety of topics, from what our state government is doing to combat childhood obesity,  to tips on sun safety. (Click the “Local Health” tab to access your local health department.)

Centers for Disease Control -

Looking for the latest Food Guide Pyramid? Information on how to prevent seasonal illnesses or protect your family from common viruses (like West Nile)? Growth and development milestones for your child? Tips on how to make your home or school safer? Guidance on how to correctly install your child safety restraints? It's all here in a very accessible format. This is one you'll want to bookmark and visit again and again.

Substance Abuse -

Run by the US Drug Enforcement Agency, this site offers information on all imaginable forms of substance abuse, including prevention and treatment to parents and adolescents.