Family Education Plan Source

The Family Education Plan is a tool for all parents and their children.

The Mission of the
Family Education Plan is to provide
a tool for parents to help every child
reach his or her potential
at home, at school, and in life.

  • FEP makes education planning part of the early childhood years.
  • It provides a seamless transition between schools and the guidance programs they provide.
  • It also prepares students to assume control of their education plans in their post-high school ventures.

The FEP website is a home for resources that provide support to parents as they promote learning, develop leadership, and fulfill their important responsibility as their child's first teacher and educational advocate.

STEP 1: Beginning with the "Family Section", we help you as parents evaluate and strengthen your families in three areas. Family activities strengthen the bonds among family members.

STEP 2: Next, the "Education Section" contains information customized to your child's age and needs. Learn to partner with your child's teacher and school.

STEP 3: The "Plan Section" assists you in forming your very own Family Education Plan, based on your own family values, your own family goals, and the individual goals of and for your child. 

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