Director of Communication

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Vacancy, Director of Communication

Utah PTA Board of Directors Vacancy

The Utah PTA Board of Directors declares the postion of Utah PTA Diector of Communication open.  The Nominee will fill for the completion of the 2016-2017 term.  It is a 1 year postion beginning July 1, 2017 and the term will end June 30, 2018. 

Qualifiation for the Director of Communication are;
1. Must be a member of a Local PTA
2. Must have previously served at least one (1) complete term on the Utah PTA Board of Directors within the past 5 years.
3. Must have served one terme as the President of a Local PTA. (Article II. Executive (Officers) Section A (3))
4. Ability to serve on the Utah PTA Board Directors as an executive member and attend all executive committee meetings and Utah PTA Board meetings.
5. The nominee is a member of the Utah PTA Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC) which meets monthly.  During the Legislative session the LAC meets weekly to discuss legislation and the nominee will read legislation and be part of the discussion to recommend the position Utah PTA will have on bills followed by Utah PTA.
6. The nominee will serve on the Utah PTA Board of Directors which meets 6 times annually, usually on Wednesday and Thursday of the first full week of the monts to include, July, September, November, January, March, and May/June
7. The nominee will be involved in three (3) Utah PTA Conferences, October--Legislative Advocacy Conference, February--PTA Day at the Capitol, and May/June--Leadership Convention.  There are duties and responsibilities related to each of the conferences/conventions for the nominee.

Please email or mail forms to the Utah PTA President:
email: Mauvia Christensen, Chair of the Nominating Committee at: (include Nominee in the Subject Line)
mail: Utah PTA State Office, 5192 Greenpine Drive, SLC, Utah 84123 (include "Nomination" on the envelope)

Emails and Mail must be dated by midnight March 21, 2017.

Attached below is the Job description for the Director of Communication for your information.<--break-><--break-><--break->

Social Media and Public Relations


Social Media is quickly becoming one of the primary sources of information sharing.  Corporations, small businesses, government entities, charities and all community organizations recognize and use social media in ever increasing ways. Use of social media to get messages out is immediate and far reaching and allows for input and interaction of your audiences.  The benefits are significant.  As you decide to use social media there are a few things to consider.

FACEBOOK:  Like us on Facebook!  Encourage your parents to like Utah PTA on Facebook and then link your Facebook  page to the Utah PTA Facebook page and the National Facebook page so that you are getting all the information that they are putting on their pages to your membership.  This will make sure that all resources are available to every single PTA member. Also,  join us at Utah PTA Excellent Elementary and Utah PTA Super Secondary Facebook pages.  You get to share ideas with many others!!

TWITTER:  Follow us on Twitter:  Also remind your PTA members to follow Utah PTA on Twitter to get important up to date information.  We will be using this in increasing ways during the Legislative session to let members know about important legislation. Many of the Utah Legislators follow Utah PTA on Twitter and we get their posts. This is also a great way to remind members about deadlines and events.Twitter is fast becoming an important way to discuss topics and get information out fast. Follow Utah PTA on Twitter @UtahPTAOneVoice

PINTEREST: The fastest growing Social Media site in Utah. Since so many moms and yes even dads are using Pinterest, we saw the need for us to be there also. Todays PTA is where it is at!!! This is a great way to share ideas for PTA parents, volunteers, and teachers. Join us on Pinterest today. If you are new to Pinterest, it is easy to get started. Just go to the Pinterest site and sign up to be a member and then follow Utah PTA. If you click on “about” which is on the Pinterest header and then the help button, it will give you a tutorial of how to use Pinterest and then you are on your way!! We welcome your ideas for us to use on Pinterest. We hope that you are all following Utah PTA on Facebook and Twitter. It is a great way for parents and teachers to get new and up to date information about childrens’ issues and educational issues. Every PTA member can be IN THE KNOW in Todays PTA! Follow Utah PTA on Pinterest

INSTAGRAM  Utah PTA is now on Instagram!!  Follow us and we will follow back.  A picture is worth a thousand words!!  We would love to see your pictures and we will be sharing our pictures.  This is a great way to document your events, meetings, carnivals, ribbon weeks, reflections, and BOB!!  We hope to see you in the PICS!! Follow us at Utah PTA

PR Is Exploding Into the Future

PUBLIC RELATIONS is Exploding into the Future

Every PTA unit on every level needs a Public Relations Vice president who works intimately with the President and the executive board.  As technology and communications have changed, it is crucial that we use all the available sources at our fingertips to reach out and touch every family that we can with the PTA mission.  Our mission is a strong foundation on which we can help and sustain families and strengthen the future of Education for every child. Public Relations should:

1.       Let parents know how vital PTA is at their school in giving them a voice and a roll in the education of their child

2.       Create a spirit of Parent Involvement at your school

3.       Showcase your school

4.       Get parents excited and involved in school events

5.       Reach out to the community and better involve the community at your school

6.       Invite the media to promote your school

7.       Use all social media sources to communicate

8.       Be a link with your school as an information highway into the home.

9.       Create an atmosphere where every parent feels welcome and a part of the school community

PTA Information Brochures

PTA is Utah’s voice for children. Since 1925, Utah PTA has put volunteer strength behind programs and projects aimed at creating a better life for every child. The brochure's below are for local PTAs to copy and distribute. They are a great way to inform their members and potential members of a number of the benefits of being a member of PTA.