Winning with Asthma

An important on-line course for coaches and P.E. teachers

Coaches, referees, PE Teachers, elementary school teachers - all probably have about one child with asthma out of every ten students or team members. Winning With Asthma is a 30 minute online course coaches and teachers can take for free to educate them on how to coach a child with asthma. For completing the course, they will receive a coach's clipboard with more information on asthma and printed on the back of the clipboard are instructions on how to handle an asthma attack.

Approximately 8% of children in Utah have asthma. That is about 67,800 children with asthma, enough to fill 2,700 classrooms. Becoming an Asthma School Advocate is a great way to help improve the lives of children with asthma. Come to a training to learn more about asthma and activities you can do in schools in your community. For more information visit our blog at To sign up for an Asthma Advocate training contact Phillip Harris, or (801)538-6595.

Let's encourage all teachers and coaches of any of the teams from the school or neighborhood to take just 30 minutes and take this course at

Check out this blog recommended by the Utah Department of Health, Asthma,

Did you know that asthma is the cause of 14 million missed school days each year? The Utah Department of Health Asthma Program is developing an Asthma School Policy Agenda to identify school policies that will help improve quality of life for students with asthma. This survey asks for your feedback on eight possible policies for addressing asthma in schools. The survey will only take about 5 minutes to complete. Please follow this link to take the survey,