Administrator Representative

Dr. Bates was appointed superintendent of Granite School District in 2010. Before his appointment he served as the district’s assistant superintendent over Administrative and Legal Services. He held previous school administrative positions in Granite, Provo and Salt Lake City school districts and taught math for two years in Provo School District.

From the late 1980s through the mid 1990s, he worked in classrooms at the Park View Center as an instructional assistant and later as teacher with children with severe emotional and learning disabilities. In 1991 he served a six-month deployment with the Utah National Guard during Desert Storm.

Granite School District superintendent Dr. Martin Bates was selected among 41 district leaders to be named the 2016/2017 Utah Superintendent of the Year.


Nomination for Utah PTA Administrator Representative

Administrator Representative Nomination to the Utah PTA Board of Directors

The Utah PTA Board of Directors position for Utah PTA Administrator Representative is open for nominations.  It is a 2 year position beginning July 1, 2019 and the term will end June 30, 2021.

Qualifications necessary to put an individuals name forward for nomination to the office of Utah PTA Administrator Representative include:

 1.  Must be a member of a Local PTA

 2.  Must be currently employed as a Utah School District Superintendent

To put forward a name for nomination please use the attached nomination form titled: “Utah PTA Form for Recommending Nominees for Utah PTA Officers, Directors, Commissioners, and Representatives”

Mail form to: Utah PTA State Office, 5192 Greenpine Drive, SLC, Utah 84123 (include "Nomination" on the envelope) or

Email the Nomination to, Utah PTA nominating committee chair.

Attached below is the Job description for the Utah PTA Administrator Representative for your information.